Due to Covid-19 no Men’s Fellowship activities are happening till further notice.


Trinity Choir

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, in person activities and worship have been suspended.  The pastor, the choir and music director, and the organist, plus various volunteers have worked to prepare a worship service to be recorded and broadcast on the radio each week.

Tune in Sunday at 11 a.m. to KLWN AM 1320 or FM 101.7


Worship and Music at Trinity Lutheran Church

It is amazing how many aspects there are to worship and music at Trinity and how many people are involved in making it happen.




Choir and Music Director

Other musicians

Bell and vocal choirs

Assisting Ministers




Children’s sermon providers


Sound and recording technician

Altar Guild

Home communion

Worship and Music Committee

TLC Council

TLC Congregation

KLWN Radio

Plus office staff who prepare the bulletins and building staff who keep the building in the best shape for worship and meditation.


All of these (at least 100 people), and more, have a role in making worship at TLC the best experience for our parishioners, guests, and radio audience.

The Worship and Music Committee oversees many aspects of worship planning and disseminates information to the various worship teams, and oversees maintenance of worship supplies and decorative enhancements, which is supported by many of the other volunteers and staff.

Thank you to everyone who takes part in preparing for meaningful worship experiences, and to those who worship with us each week whether in person, by website, Facebook, or radio.


Any questions about these events or would like to get involved e-mail the office at