Weddings at Trinity Lutheran Church

Congratulations! Either you or somebody you love will soon be celebrating the gift of marriage! If you are thinking of having the marriage ceremony at Trinity Lutheran Church, you will find answers to most of your questions here. For any unanswered questions, please call us at (785) 843-4150.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ceremony Questions

Generally, we expect that at least one of the couple getting married will be a member in good standing of the congregation. If neither person is a member, then the Pastor may decide whether or not to schedule the wedding in this church.

It’s possible, but our Pastor must be consulted and must give approval.

Services at Trinity are always Christian in tone and content. The Pastor will show you what a normal Lutheran order of service is like and explain what options are available. If that does not fit your expectations, the Pastor will be happy to help you identify a venue more appropriate to the kind of wedding you want to have for yourselves.

Again, Trinity’s pastor generally presides at all weddings. However, the Pastor may permit another minister to conduct your service. Please talk to our pastor about your situation.

It’s easier to say when weddings may not be scheduled. It is not church practice to conduct weddings during the seasons of Advent or Lent, nor on the days of Christmas or Easter. Weekends of national holidays are available only to active members of Trinity.

You can discuss music choices with the pastor who has sole authority to decide what music may be performed and who may perform it on our premises.

Short answer: NO. We expect the entire bridal party to be sober on arrival, during the ceremony, and at all times while on our premises. No alcoholic beverages (apart from wine at Holy Communion) are permitted on the premises. Failure to adhere to this policy shall result in immediate cancellation of the wedding and loss of the entire deposit.

Photographers and videographers must meet with the approval of the Pastor and Wedding Coordinator. Trinity expects everyone present at the wedding, amateurs and professionals alike, to show respect for the ceremony as an act of worship. This means no flash or special lighting devices will be tolerated. Photographers may work from the side aisles, balcony, or the very back of the room during the ceremony, but must remain out of the line of sight, keep absolutely quiet, and refrain from any action that may mar furniture. If cameras interfere with the orderly conduct of the service, the Pastor has the right to stop the service and wait until those present compose themselves with appropriate decorum.

The furnishings, paraments, candles, and decorations in place in the chancel must remain undisturbed. Nothing may be removed from the altar nor placed upon it, not even flowers or a unity candle. The Wedding Coordinator must approve any decorations to be placed in the chancel or sanctuary.

Flowers may not be placed on the altar, but may be placed beside, before, or behind it. You must provide your own stands and vases. Only natural flowers may be displayed in the chancel, nothing artificial. However, artificial flowers may be utilized in decorations in the nave (the area where the pews stand).

We have 16 rows of pews, and decorations may be attached with elastic bands, pew clips, ribbons, or strings. No form of pins or adhesives may be used to affix decorations, as these mar the furniture. Again, please discuss these details with the Wedding Coordinator.

No. These create slip hazards which our insurers will not tolerate.

Scheduling Questions

Do not sign any contracts with anyone until you are certain that Trinity has received your deposit and confirmed the date of your wedding! We are not responsible for any commitments you make with parties other than our own staff.

Call us at 785-843-4150 and ask to check the church’s calendar. We can pencil in tentative dates, but don’t lock in any plans until you have secured the date with a deposit!

Immediately! The sooner the better, particularly if you have special concerns or needs.

The rehearsal is important. It only requires 30-60 minutes, and it helps participants to know where to go and what to expect during the wedding. Plan on it and make sure everyone with a role in your service shows up on time and ready to participate.

There are rooms for the bridal party, bride, and groomsmen, as well as restrooms conveniently located around the building.

The Wedding Coordinator will open the building three hours before the service, and will lock it up one hour after the service concludes, or, if the reception is at Trinity, one hour after the reception ends. If extra time is needed, the fee increases by the hour. Autos parked in our parking lot must be removed before 8:00 a.m. Sunday.

If your wedding is on a Saturday, the wedding party must remove all belongings from worship spaces by 8:00 p.m. Reception areas must be clear by 10:00 p.m. The parking lot must be cleared before 8:00 a.m. the following morning.

Deposit Questions

Yes, a $300 deposit is required to secure a date on the calendar. After that has been received, our Wedding Coordinator, Sandy Cooper, will call you and begin walking you through preparations for the wedding.

If you notify our office at least 90 days in advance of the scheduled date of your wedding, Trinity will refund a portion of the deposit. We will deduct $50 for each consultation with the Wedding Coordinator and/or organist. If you cancel within 90 days of the date, the entire deposit will be forfeited.

We hope to refund your deposit in full, but that depends on the church being returned to the same condition as it was prior to the wedding, as well as compliance with our wedding policies. If there is any damage to our property, loose trash, or necessary custodial services following the wedding, Trinity retains discretion to use the deposit to recover any costs to the church.

Wedding Coordinator Questions

The Wedding Coordinator meets with you at least three times. When you first meet, the Coordinator will review our policies with you, gather necessary information, and have you sign a fee agreement. Prior to the rehearsal, the Coordinator meets with you to confirm your plans. Finally, the Coordinator assists with the wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and (if needed) the on-site reception.

Not instead of our Coordinator, because we know our facility as another consultant will not know it, and because we are responsible for what happens on our premises. However, you may, at your discretion and with the approval of our Wedding Coordinator, secure the services of an outside wedding consultant or planner. Just remember, that person must adhere to Trinity’s policies and cooperate with our Coordinator.

Other Questions

Schedule your wedding within a regular Sunday service! It is a wonderful way to bring down costs, affirm your love for the members of the church, and enjoy a festive ceremony! If you choose this option, Trinity waives its required fees and honoraria.

Yes, but if you do not live locally, the Pastor may authorize another appropriate person to provide pre-marital counseling nearer to where you live. Pre-marital counseling is not intended to determine your chances of success, but to help you make a good relationship better, grounded in faith and practical wisdom.

Trinity requires couples to have a valid wedding license before the wedding ceremony. The State of Kansas requires both of you to appear together at a district courthouse to obtain a license to marry. The license is not valid until three days after it is issued, but it will remain valid for six months afterwards. The Pastor needs to receive it in hand no later than at the time of the rehearsal.

It’s a big building with lots of spaces to consider:

  • The Sanctuary is our primary worship space and seats about 250 comfortably, but could squeeze in a maximum of 300.
  • The Chapel offers a smaller space for a wedding with 80 guests or less.
  • The Courtyard is a lovely open-air space in the center of the facility for a very small wedding with just a few guests.

You have these options:

  • The Fellowship Hall can hold about 180-200 guests standing, or provide comfortable seating for 120.
  • The Social Room will accommodate approximately 70 guests, seated.

Yes. The Wedding Coordinator will be happy to show you how to get around the facility in a wheelchair. We have ramps and elevators to accommodate most needs.

All our indoor spaces are air conditioned.

Trinity Lutheran shall not be liable for loss, damage, or theft of any items you leave on the premises between the rehearsal and the day of the ceremony. You and your guests are responsible for all your bags, boxes, and other items when leaving the building.

Just call us at (785) 843-4150, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!