July 17, 2022

Dear Friends in Christ,


Worship was exceptionally meaningful last week with the wonderful singing, Pastor Lou’s  cantering and David Cason’s organ playing leading the congregation in song and liturgy!  The attendance was good for a Sunday in July when we had nearly as many worshipping via livestream.

Our overall lighting is much improved with lighting now focused on the font, altar, and pulpit – Baptism, Eucharist and Word!  The sound should be improved, especially on the livestream when the equipment arrives!  The livestreaming volunteers will move downstairs to the corner on the pulpit as soon as the desk arrives.  We would love to have more volunteer crews and our willing to offer a stipend to someone with a flexible schedule who can livestream weddings and funerals.  Several hundred people, including Jane Warren’s 104 year old father were able to be “present”  her funeral though physically they were hundreds of miles away.

Usually with a measure of tongue in cheek I  encourage you to sit toward the front.  We need to be increasingly aware of our livestream worshippers! Some are likely worshipping with us for the first time and  determining whether to come to the beautiful sanctuary.  Our worship attendance is MUCH better than this photograph would indicate and which is what worshippers see at home.  So be an evangelist and sit toward the front!


Faithfully, Hopefully, and Lovingly,


Jeffery Alvestad, Pastor